View Full Version : XTOL Shelf Life

Brian Sims
28-Aug-2009, 19:12
Why does dry Xtol in the package have a shelf life? What is the risk of mixing and using out of date XTOL (1-2 years beyond exp date)? I bought a bunch from a store going out of business, and now have a dozen gallon pkgs out of date.

Gem Singer
28-Aug-2009, 19:30
It might be that Kodak dates it because the phenidone (dimezone) in the formula has a shorter shelf life than the other chemicals in the formula.

My guess, if it has been kept dry, it will be okay.

Armin Seeholzer
29-Aug-2009, 09:43
I already used 2 package with 1 year over the date and did not see any change at all!

Cheers Armin

29-Aug-2009, 11:23
Put a snip of film leader in the developer - if it turns jet black in a few minutes the chances are the developer is OK. With out-of-date developer it is probably an especially good idea to do a snip test before each use. Some years ago Xtol had a bad reputation for failing early and without warning and it turned out Kodak had a packaging problem with this developer - so it can have a shortened life due to some change it encountered in the powdered state.

If the powder is caked or lumpy or the developer is off-color when freshly mixed then dump it.

Ron Marshall
29-Aug-2009, 11:46
I've used two packets that were over a year out of date with no change. But I tested it with a scrap sheet before using it on anything important.

Jim Chinn
29-Aug-2009, 13:57
I picked up a couple of 1 year past date 5 litre packages at a camera swap meet last year. Both packages worked fine, but I did test each batch. Like others have said, test it before putting important images in it.