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28-Aug-2009, 16:08
For those who are intereted in what is happening the Polaroid film, read the following link:


John Kasaian
28-Aug-2009, 17:03
Wow! I hope they make some type 55 p/n!

W K Longcor
28-Aug-2009, 19:08
Isn't this the Impossible Dream group -- making SX-70 style fim only. There seems to be no hope for the films we want.

29-Aug-2009, 10:23
They have also purchased the equipment to produce the 8x10 films and hope to begin production in 2010.http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=867790

sanchi heuser
29-Aug-2009, 11:46
Let them do!

Kaps is clever enough to know that there are a lot
of photographers yelling for type 55 film including myself.

But it is obvious that they first have to bring the integral film to
a commercial success. Then they can look on further projects.


30-Aug-2009, 18:36
Just heard it on the CBS evening news. Polaroids European manufacturing plant was purchased and Polaroid Instant film will once again be made available to the public! They are anticipating sales of 10 million film packs a year.

This is great news to traditionalists like me who want to keep the old processes accessible.

31-Aug-2009, 07:13
They are anticipating sales of 10 million film packs a year.

Sounds to me like quite optomistic anticipation. I hope I'm wrong.