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27-Aug-2009, 13:53
Hello to everyone,

It is my first post on LFP forum. A few days ago I bought Voigtlander Heliar 150mm
f/4.5 lens and in two weeks will get Voigtlander Bergheil 9x12. The Bergheil camera has bayonet mount on front standard but the lens need to have unique flange affixed to the rear of lens. Mine does not have it. It is impossible to find one, therefore I need a drawing paper copy to be able to make a real flange from 1mm sheet metal or aluminium.

Could someone from the Bergheil's owners make a copy and e-mail a photo to me in 1:1 size?



27-Aug-2009, 19:40
Here's the best I can do for you -- it is for a 150mm Heliar in dial-set Compur. You'll have to resize it yourself, which shouldn't be difficult.
PS, you owe me a big one -- I forgot to notice the exact orientation before removing the lens and had a bitch of a time gettting it back right!

28-Aug-2009, 00:59

Thank you for your help and picture!
I have shown your photo to a friend of mine who is metal-worker and will make it for me.. and unfortunately he said he need precise copy drawing made on a piece of paper becouse the flange has a lot different outside curves and he is not able to account ther scale and size based on the photo (no problem with inside diamention).

I did not know it can cause some problems, probably I can do nothing without having precise copy of it...

I can pay back for making precise copy for me with sending the same flange to (I will order dwo pieces) which can be used with another adopted lens on 9x12 Bergheil.

best regards,

Robert Oliver
28-Aug-2009, 08:49
why don't you scale the photo in photoshop... adjust perspective and print it out.... if you know the inner diameter, you should be able to get an exact copy without too much work.

you can save Bill the hassle of having to take it off again.

28-Aug-2009, 09:23
ok. I will try to do my best. It seems the inner diameter is 44mm. Thank you.

Just to be sure: what is thickness of the flange, 1mm?

28-Aug-2009, 11:04
Unless you're planning to interchange lenses, why don't you just mount your Heliar directly to the front standard? Don't forget to use some felt to make it light-tight.

28-Aug-2009, 11:53
In future I want to adopt a few other lenses to it, therefore need to have this flange.

28-Aug-2009, 21:53
Here is the drawing of Heliar 150mm flange, maybe someone need it in future too. Original size is 300dpi, 7,54 x 6,76mm.
Next week I will make it, hope it fits. Thank's again to Bill for help.