View Full Version : 180 Apo-Sironar-S on Tech V 69

Ernest MacMillan
17-Nov-2001, 12:37
I have just purchased a 180/5.6 Apo-Sironar-S (Copal 1). I want to mount it on my Linhof Super Technika V 69 (21/4 x 3 1/4) medium format camera. I bought a u sed Tech 70 board that has the right sized hole, but the board/lens assembly did not want to go on the camera. In addition, the shutter controls seem to interf ere with the front standard of the camera regardless of how the lens is rotated. The board may have been factory drilled as there is black krinkle paint in the lens bore hole. The lens board fits fine on the front standard without the len s. Linhof lists this combination as a possible one for this camera in their lite rature. Should I: 1. Return this lens and give up, or 2: buy the current board , or 3: Is there a magical way to make this work with what I have?

Bob Salomon
17-Nov-2001, 16:17
Call Linhof service. In the US 973 808-9626

Ashraf Nassef
17-Nov-2001, 21:00
Hi Ernest I have both the Super Technika V 69 and the Technika 70, they have the same front standard. I fitted a Xenar 210mm F. 6,1 in a Copal 1 on the same lens board ( I use it with both cameras ) I think there is only one position for the lens to fit the flat board and be able to do the front tilt- you rotate the lens so that the tip of the black triangular focus lever is pointing to the middle of the lower right corner. Or in other words when the lever is in open position, its lower end is parallel to ( flush with!) the upper end of the lower right board carrier of the front standard. If the posterior lens element of the 180mm lens is less than 62mm then this arrangement should work. You may use a flat ring spacer between the lens and board if the movement of the focus lever is a bit restricted ( I don?t use it ). I know this is not the ideal position for the focus lever but at least it?s working. Ashraf