View Full Version : 360mm Apo-Ronar - Performance at Infinity

John Powers
16-Nov-2001, 13:05

Although in a Copal 3 shutter, this lens looks to be one of the smaller 360mm lenses still on the market. Can anyone with first hand knowledge of the lens comment on its performance at infinity. I would also like to hear comments comparing the performance of this lens to modern telephoto (Schneider, Fujinon, Nikon) lenses of similar focal length.

Thanks to all,

John Powers

Paul Schilliger
16-Nov-2001, 14:49
John, I have one, 30 years old in Compur 3. The lens is bright and contrasty. Pr etty sharp too. Compared to lenses designed for distant subjects such as the Fujinon C series, the ApoRonar will start display some color fringing at high magnification, but is contrasty when not submitted to flare (it 's a single coating version). Telephoto lenses produce softer images and long lenses should be preferred IF yo u have the bellows for. But on cameras with narrow bellows, another factor is to take into consideration: th e light from long lenses is bouncing on the stretched bellows and can affect the image. I noticed this when I was using a Fujinon C450 on my Technika. I now use it on a Toyo monorail and the large bellows have taken ca re of the problem. In that case, a telephoto lens could have been a better choice. But with the 360, the be llows of the Technika was not stretched too much and I did not notice any fogging from glare. I have used the Nikkors T when a friend has let me try them and I have owned a Fuji T. The thing with telephoto lenses is that t hey are sharp and contrasty, until you compare them with long lenses. Then, they are no more. There is a trad e off. I wish the new Schneider 400 HM was an exception, but haven't heard anything on it.