View Full Version : Jobo deleopment question

25-Aug-2009, 14:19
This is probrobly a dumb question, but I've never done my own film before. I have a Jobo 2551 & the manual roller stand. When developing with this setup am I supposed to constantly rotate the drum or just foll it a few times every minute to aggigate the film?

25-Aug-2009, 14:31
It should be constant otherwise some of the film is sitting in developer and some isn't. You should also reverse the rotation every couple of rotations to break up the flow pattern of develper over film.

25-Aug-2009, 15:44
I use exactly the same setup (2551 and manual roller base). As previous poster noted: constant rotation to ensure film is always passing through the chemicals. However, I do not usually bother to reverse the rotation and have not noted any adverse consequences. It might depend on what developer/dilution combo you are using.


25-Aug-2009, 15:50
FWIW, I roll by hand (in a full sink of water), and rotate constantly, changing direction every minute.
So far, so good.
Good luck.