View Full Version : Operating a Seikosha shutter

fabio pollero
16-Nov-2001, 01:40
Hi everybody, I've had my first LF lense (an Ilex 90 f/8 in a Seikosha shutter) and I would like to have info on the VXM three position lever: it seems clear th at V position is a sort of auto-release system and X should be 'Normal' position syncro flash. I don't u/stand 'M' (manual??) mode in which the shutter when fir ed do not complete the movement and need a small finger pat to do his job. Any explanation?

16-Nov-2001, 02:48
The m mode is for use with the old flash bulbs and is supposed to fire the bulb and allow enough time for the bulb to reach full output before the shutter is allowed to open. The shutter should cycle without your help in this mode so I'm afraid your shutter probably needs cleaning or repair. I just had this done by S.K.Grimes for about $60. Try www.skgrimes.com. The x mode should be used for everything unless you need the self timing function provided by the v mode. The preview lever is that little flat metal piece bent at the end to allow you to gently pull it. The shutter has to be cocked to allow the lever to open the blades and the lever must be pushed back in prior to firing to allow the shutter to close. I've the same lens and enjoy it a lot. It's worth fixing the shutter. Russell

John H. Henderson
19-Nov-2001, 06:10
The M mode switches in an additional gear train to delay the opening of the shutter. Most likely, it is just gummed up and needs a cleaning.

If the shutter fires correctly otherwise, and you don't use bulbs, then don't worry about it.