View Full Version : Wide (90mm) modern lens to fit on Super Graphic and still fold it up

Lad Perenyi
15-Nov-2001, 20:16
I have a Super Graphic which I use with modern lenses (Nikkor-SW in the 90mm.) W hile my Fujinon 180mm allows the camera to fold, the Nikkor does not. Any ideas? Receesed board, different lens, whatever, I'll try anything.

(I realize these provide more coverage than needed on the Super but I also use t hem on other cameras.


Jim Galli
15-Nov-2001, 20:49
Everybody poo-poo's the Congo's but I've got an almost new Congo 90 that is VERY sharp. Tiny little guy in Copal 0 with 43mm front light. It's only a couple of years old and is multi-coated. Much smaller than the Fuji 180mm. Jim

Michael Chmilar
16-Nov-2001, 17:28
The Schneider Super Symmar-XL 80mm appears to be quite compact. It might suit your needs.