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fred arnold
16-Nov-2001, 08:31

If you're trying to ensure adequate shadow development when pulling the contrast in FP4+, similar to the water-bath method with thick emulsion films, I've heard recommended a 2-bath system consisting of D-23 + several minutes without agitat ion in a 1% kodalk (sodium metaborate) solution. Does this work reliably with m ore standard developers such as ID-11, Rodinal, or HC-110, or should I just stic k with standard N-1 development and a softer paper?

16-Nov-2001, 09:12
Fred: Rodinal uses one componnt only and is thus not amenable to split processing. HC 110 is a proprietry formula and one can not mix up a batch athome.

Split developing workd OK with D 76/ID 11, but IMHOP not as wellas split D-23. For a ral revelation try T MAX 400 in split dD-23. 5 min in A agitiating 5 secs every minute, and 3 min in B with no agitation. The shadow detail is better and the entire tonal range seems about 2 zones more than regular development. I use it for palladium/Platinum prints and teh added density in the highights just sings on the Pd/Pt paper. No blocking of course with the right exposure, which is always a trial & error process with Pd/Pt. It also works wonderfully on VC papers with a No 1 or 0 filter.

HAve fun

Doremus Scudder
16-Nov-2001, 10:28
Fred, The two-bath method you describe should work for any common black-and-white developer, results depending on alkalinity of the developer in the first place and strength of the alkaline bath. This includes HC-110 (which I have often used this way) and Rodinal (D-23 has only one component also). For a detailed discussion of the method use the link from the large-format home page below.


If this doesn't work, go the the LF homepage and fint the link. Hope this helps, ;^D)

David F. Stein
16-Nov-2001, 15:13
I recommend the excellent article on this formum and Barry Thornton's, here: http://www.qa63.dial.pipex.com/2bath.htm Good Luck.