View Full Version : Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner

Bill Kumpf
23-Aug-2009, 11:29
Does KRST have a shelf life? What are the signs that it is no good?

I was given a bottle that may be several years old. Some items in this deal was dated 1968.

I also normally use PF s TF-4 fixer. Is there any surprises there?


23-Aug-2009, 11:35

I use PF's TF-4 fixer and then KRST with no surprises. As far as a shelf life I don't have any experience with that. Mine is four years old.

Bruce Barlow
23-Aug-2009, 16:49
Bill, it will probably be just fine. My first bottle lasted twenty years with no ill effects.

Shows you how much I like to tone. Booooring!

Greg Lockrey
24-Aug-2009, 01:31
Same here.... :)

Remember to wear rubber gloves when dipping your fingers in this stuff, it is very toxic.

Bill Kumpf
24-Aug-2009, 04:46
Thanks, everyone.

It worked. I was trying to save some snow scene prints that I printed on the wrong paper. The KRST did add a little to the blacks.

The first prints I made of that negative were on some old Agfa paper. It had black blacks and white whites. I will order same Adox MCC 110 from Freestyle.

Bruce – You are right, I worry too much. The MPK worked fine. The black sheen on the surface had no effect. Thanks again.