View Full Version : Polaroid Comeback-Impossible Project

21-Aug-2009, 09:57
Just saw this today, I am not sure if it has been posted here but looks interesting. Maybe they will make Type 55 again http://www.the-impossible-project.com/.

Does anyone know if they plan to produce 4x5 film as well?

21-Aug-2009, 12:04
I found this article, it appears the are going to attempt the 8x10 films in 2010.
Good news for me.

Nathan Potter
21-Aug-2009, 14:35
Previous threads deal with this. The operation is manned by some engineering folks with actual knowhow but they will need time perseverance and a reasonable market.
Their initial focus will be on the pack film format. I certainly wish them good luck.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Ben Syverson
21-Aug-2009, 16:35
Nathan, their initial focus will indeed be on the pack film market, but the article also quotes Florian Kaps as saying that he's looking to restart 8x10 instant production in 2010.

From what I understand, they've overcome all the technical issues at this point, and they're just fine-tuning and gearing up for the expense of actually producing a pilot run of film.

It looks like this may actually happen!

21-Aug-2009, 16:40
Looks like I might have to gear up for the expense of actually buying some...