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Edward Haigh
15-Nov-2001, 07:15
I've just acquired my first 4x5 camera, a Busch Pressman. I am interested in any literature written about this camera - or forums specifically addressing it. I have the original operating manual, but that's it. I known it SEEMS like a Crown Graphic; I'd just like to know how much so. EBay was suggested to me for the literature by a friendly member of Graflex.org -- and eBay is, in fact, where I got my Busch Pressman! I guess I really want to get some idea of the DIFFERENCES between my BP & Crown Graphics. SO much has been written about Graflex cameras, and apparently so little on mine. Are there any BP users out there who can give me an overview? Thanks! --Doc.

Thanks! --Doc.

David E. Rose
15-Nov-2001, 07:56
I had a Crown Graphic and I had a chance to use a Busch Pressman very briefly at a workshop recently. They are very similar- the biggest difference was that the Pressman has a revolving back. The Crown back is fixed in a horizontal orientation- the main reason I sold mine. The only way to take a vertical shot with the Crown on a tripod is to tip the tripod head 90 degrees- not good for balance and very limiting for front rise.

Edward Haigh
15-Nov-2001, 08:21
Yes, I'm hoping the revolving back will be a big boon to me. I have a couple of books on graphic press cameras, and I just want to be sure I can use them as advice for my BP. Much appreciated!


Doug Paramore
15-Nov-2001, 10:20
I have used both cameras over the years and both the Busch and the Graphic are good for what they were intended for. The Busch is an all metal camera and the revolving back makes it easier to use on a tripod. If you can use one, you can use the other as far as Busch/Graphics go. Both will make excellent photos within the limits of front movement cameras.


David F. Stein
15-Nov-2001, 20:43
Busch Pros: (vis a vis Graphic) - more rise - generous front tilt - superb build - tracking smooth, fluid "Merecedes; Lexus" like - excellent back: much easier to insert and remove film holders without upsetting placement on tripod Busch Cons: - size of lens board limits lens choice - no Graflok capability - no front body shutter release like Pacemaker Graphics It is somewhere between the Pacemaker Crown Graphic and the Super Speed Graphic; add Linhof/Mamiya Press tinker toys back movements and you would have a tremendous camera. As it is, it is an outstanding one

Edward Haigh
16-Nov-2001, 07:23
I'm thrilled with the answers I'm getting from you guys. David, you are RIGHT on top of it. I was with you until you said ".....add Linhof/Mamiya Press tinker toys back movements and you would have a tremendous camera." Two questions.... I'm entirely new to the format..... what does that observation mean exactly? Are these view camera constructs which I actually COULD add to my BP, or are they items that IF I could add them, my camera would be up there with the Rolls Royces & the Bentley's - in theory? As for the shutter, I see mine is lens-mounted. And --if it HAD a front body-mounted shutter, where would it have been positioned? Can I use a cable release with this camera? This is fun!


David F. Stein
16-Nov-2001, 13:21

Here's a photo with Pressman and 135mm Raptar I posted to photo.net. THANKS

Edward Haigh
16-Nov-2001, 22:59
Beautiful work. When I am ready with my BP, I'd be thrilled to take as nice a picture. Great impetus for experimentation! --Doc.

David Grandy
22-Nov-2001, 12:28
A friend has a Busch Pressman and he likes it a lot. If there is any one downside it's the small size of the front bellows opening. You'll have to check to see if a lens that you want to buy will fit on this camera. I have an older Symmar 210 and it will fit, but a Nikon 210 won't. This isn't all that big a deal, but measure twice and buy once, so to speak!

Edward Haigh
22-Nov-2001, 14:54
I'm a nut, I admit - but all the great advice has warped my brain - and now I have TWO Pressman Model Ds! This second one looks brand new and has what looks to be a stunning Schneider lens. My other has the Rapax, also looking good. No more lenses for me. What I can take with these setups is what I will use these camers for. I'm well-stocked for 35mm and 2-1/4 formats for other subjects. Darkroom is almost complete -- next step PHOTOGRAPHY! (What a concept!) --Doc.