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14-Nov-2001, 15:49

I need some information on this macro digital lens. Maybe Bob Salomon can help. I am thinking to buy a 120mm micro lens for 4x5. I was for an apo-macr o-sinronar 120mm, which is cheapest among 120 micro lens and it stops down to f6 4( although I avoid to use more than f45 for 4x5, there are situations when I ha ve to stop down). Then I notice badger graphic has this new didgital lens for ev en better price, but they don't have the spec. of the lens. Because it's "digital", I assume it's maybe of higher quality. I only worry about the co verage. Digital lens normally has smaller coverage. Would it cover 4x5 aroud 2:1 -1:1? By the way, can I use prontor profeesional shutter on the arca recess boar d? Thanks

Bob Salomon
14-Nov-2001, 16:12
Please call if you need inform,ation but not if you are going to buy gray. 800 725 4373

Bob Salomon
14-Nov-2001, 17:41

Generally the lowest price on this lens is the one on the Educational program for students, instructors and schools involved in a photo program. the lenses on this program are not sold via mail order but must be ordered at the program price froma local dealer.

For details on the program you will need the Educational program brochure which has the application form.

products available on this program are from linhof, Rodenstock, Heliopan, Kaiser, Gepe Pro.

The prices are well under mail order prices.

Bob Salomon
15-Nov-2001, 06:05
SPP (School Program Price) on the 120mm Apo Macro = $842.50 through your closest local dealer. Includes lifetime warranty on the glass and 3 year warranty on the shutter.

15-Nov-2001, 13:36
Thanks to everyone. I checked the rodenstock site. The coverage is not enough and it's optimized for f11.