View Full Version : mounting different lens on an Art Panorama camera?

John Schneider
20-Aug-2009, 15:34
Has anyone mounted a different focal length lens on an Art Panorama camera? I have an old Art Pan 624 kit (with factory-mounted Nikkor 90SW and 120SW and masks for 617) that came with a set of three additional lens cones.

I'd like something longer, and it looks like I could use a 150 lens on 624 before I run into mechanical vignetting, maybe something a bit longer on 617 (I'd love to use a 180). Has anyone tried to do this? The camera has three stacked focus knobs (one for the 90, one for the 120, and a blank one evidently left for adding another lens), and I'd have to use the GG to calibrate the third knob for any additional lens. Thanks for sharing any insight or experiences.