View Full Version : Modification of Wista 6X7 Back

Kevin Crisp
14-Nov-2001, 14:47
I've finally picked up a roll film back. It is the Wista 6X7 back. It looks li ke it would be very easy to enlarge the mask in the front of it to make the open ing 6X9, and the pressure plate covers that size. I also realize that it would be necessary to shoot every other exposure if I'm shooting 6X9 since the advance wouldn't move the film far enough to get all 6X9 of it out of the way. Seems t o me I could make this modification and shoot 6X7 if I still wanted to (there wo uld be overlap on the area I didn't compose on either side of the image) or go 6 X9 by skipping every other exposure. If this is a really dumb idea (I can't tel l) let me know your thoughts on this. Also, does anybody know where I would ord er just the mask part so I don't have to alter the 6X7 one? Thanks for your res ponses. I read about this thing in the "Top 25 Roll Film Backs of All Time" and I just had to buy one.

Ted Harris
14-Nov-2001, 17:27
If you re going to shott much 6x9 then it seems to me you'd be better off buying a 6x9 back. Wasting ahlf a roll of fim willpay for the back petty fsast if you do any shooting at all.