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David R Munson
14-Nov-2001, 12:33
I'm in the process of looking for an internship for next summer. I'm sending ou t inquiries to various people and with the paperwork I'm including two examples of my work- a black and white print and something in color. Something I'm still wondering about is what the best method would be for presenting the color work. The original form of the photograph I'm going to use is a 4x5 transparency. F rom this, I could go the way Cibachrome/Ilfochrome, digital print, or dupe trans parency in a presentation mount. Given these options, what do you think would b e my best bet? I might only be sending stuff to one person or I might be sendin g stuff to 10 people, depending on how long it takes me to find an internship, s o cost has the potential of adding up. Are there any industry standards in this area that I am woefully unaware of? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

David R Munson
14-Nov-2001, 12:34
Oh, and I should add that all prints would be 8x10"

chris jordan
14-Nov-2001, 16:22
the cheapest good quality way would be to take it to a good quality local lab and have them make some Type-R prints for you. but, if you got your image scanned and digitally printed as an inkjet print on premium luster paper, the quality would likely be far better, but it would be more expensive.

feel free to e-mail me privately if you want to discuss in more detail.

chris jordan (Seattle)


Sandy Sorlien
14-Nov-2001, 16:59
An 8x10 print of any kind. Make it easy on the person, transparencies are a pain to view and most recipients will not take the time to do them justice.

What kind of internship are you after? I hear about such things.....