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peter koning
14-Nov-2001, 08:03
I read a lot of the information about APO-Sironar lenses but never about Sironar . I can buy a mint looking sironar 210/5.6. It looks coated though. Is this a go od lens? I don't think I can compare the lens with an APO-Sironar, but what are exactly the differences between them. The serienr is 9 259488. Should I buy it f or $300?

Pete Andrews
14-Nov-2001, 08:32
Is Sironar no. 9259488 a good lens, and is it worth $300? - Who knows.That's a bit like asking if a particular car is a good car, from its model and registration number. A well-looked after low-mileage Nissan Micra could be a better vehicle than a neglected BMW with 200,000 miles on the clock. Condition is all important.The Sironar is the predecessor to the Apo-Sironar, and the main difference is three letters in the name, and the awe in which some people hold the word 'apo' and multicoating.In truly mint condition and in a good shutter, a Sironar should give you excellent results. Better results, at any rate, than a scratched Apo-something in a sticky Compur.

Bob Salomon
14-Nov-2001, 08:32
The Sironar was replaced with the Sironar S which was replaced with the Sironas S MC which was replaced with the Apo Sironar N.

The lens you have in mind 9,259,488 was made in 1975 or 76 so there have been lots of changes since. then.

But $300.00 for a lens that is clean, no separation, clean working shutter with speeds properly calibrated is a good price.