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Paul Oliver
19-Aug-2009, 05:34
Hello i recently aquired an Emil Busch lense and wondered what exactly it was? It appears to be a large format lense and i think its a long focal length but i would like you guys to clarify that for me if possible.


The optics are perfect and the aperture iris is also perfect. As you can see from the photos the black coating has come off in places, nothing terrible but its certainly not mint. What would the value of this lense be? I have searched ebay, but not found anything thats like this.

Thanks in advance, Paul

Paul Fitzgerald
19-Aug-2009, 06:09
It's one of the very first tele-photo lenses and has a softer-focus than modern lenses. Should be a very nice portrait lens for a SpeedGraphic. They usually sell for next to nothing. The 16" #3 does cover 5x7 well so this one should cover 4x5.

have fun with it.

Paul Oliver
19-Aug-2009, 07:04
Unfortunately i dont have anything to use it on and if its worth nothing then i may as well bin it :( surprised that its not got any value if its one of the first! Not to worry and thanks for your help

19-Aug-2009, 07:50
Please don't bin it !!!!!!!

How much do you want for it ?

There will be more people interested in this lens.


19-Aug-2009, 08:22
i had a very similar one just a bit larger. it covered 8x10 and made very nice images.

not sure where you are, i expect the UK or Oz, but BIN (buy it now) is one thing but bin (for trash)....well that would be a waste.

19-Aug-2009, 09:39
I have one of these, an early brass one, that I've not used yet. But with a small package to long focal length, softer focus, and a quality maker, what's there not to like? They just haven't become fadish, recently.