View Full Version : First Big Trip with 4x5

18-Aug-2009, 21:24
Hi All:
Brian form OZ :D
well all is packed and ready to head off on my first trip with the 4x5's,we plan to cover about 2500 Klm through outback New South Wales and South Australia over a 3 to 4week period. I'm hopeing to get some great shots? hopefully I wont make to many mistakes: :rolleyes: we are heading for Mungo national park then to Mootwingee across the Desert to Lake Frome { a Salt Lake}then down into the Flinders Ranges.
I plan to shoot 4x5 B/W, and 120 Velvia 100F rollfim in 6x7 format on the 4x5, will also take my Pentax K20D as Backup.
I think this is a great Forum, I have learnt a great deal from it.
Will post some Pic's when I get back and get them sorted.
cheers all:)

18-Aug-2009, 22:01
Have a great trip. Be careful about dust.

18-Aug-2009, 22:41
Hi Brian

I'm doing something quite similar, going up to the Northern Territories for a week. I'm packing the Ebony, with 90, 135, 180, 250 and 400, plus a Bessa III. Leaving the digi at home though. Good luck with you trip!

Michael Wynd
18-Aug-2009, 23:53
I am seriously envious. With a bit of luck I might be doing something like this next year with the missus who will be on placement for her nursing course. Looks like she might be doing either the alice or Broome.
Enjoy yourself.