View Full Version : Centre Filter on 165mm f8 Schneider Super Angulon MC Lens

18-Aug-2009, 10:01
Hi, I just picked up a 165mm f8 Schneider Super Angulon MC Lens for use with on 8x10 transparency film. Is the Centre filter required on it? Its very expensive, but if it's critical for proper exposure I'm willing to get. Your thoughts are appreciated.


Walter Calahan
18-Aug-2009, 11:34
I own the same lens. Never got a center filter, but then I typically shoot with color negative film. What do you typically shoot? Would the subject matter be adversely degraded with a slight vignette?
When I stop down the lens I do not see a huge fall off. Your taste may vary.
I suggested testing with lens with a few different scenes to learn if you really need a center filter.

18-Aug-2009, 11:51
I'm using provia 100 and i don't mind a bit of vignette, but if it's really distracting i'll have no choice but to spring for a $1000 centre filter.