View Full Version : Red dot Apo-Artar coverage

Shigehiro Ishii
28-Mar-1999, 08:42
I'm looking for a longer than 24" lens for my 11x14. I think 24"Red dot Apo-Artar can cover the format, but have no info about 30" RD Artar. Any suggestions will be appriciated.

Chad Jarvis
29-Mar-1999, 09:08
Buy one. Artars from 12" and up will cover 11x14.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-Mar-1999, 22:35
I thought I had read somewhere that the Artars had an angle of like 47 deg and that therefore you should use them at 30% longer than normal for the format. 'Zat that true?

Chad Jarvis
30-Mar-1999, 08:23
That I don't know. The only Artar I own is an 18". Anyone? Class, class, anyone?