View Full Version : 100x100mm 10 stop ND filter?

kev curry
18-Aug-2009, 06:29
Does anyone know where I might find a 100x100mm 10 stop ND filter in the UK, or anywhere else?


Paul Fitzgerald
18-Aug-2009, 07:07
you could process some FP-4 in roomlight in dilute developer to suit, it would be ND.

just a thought

kev curry
18-Aug-2009, 07:14
Thats a great idea Paul, worth some thought.

Mark Sampson
18-Aug-2009, 07:24
That would be a Kodak Wratten #96 3.0ND filter. Not sure if Kodak still makes them or what a 4" square one would cost though.

kev curry
18-Aug-2009, 07:32
I'll have a search around for the Kodak ND. Would I be right in thinking that ND filters could be stacked together... say for example two 0.9 ND's together, would that make a 1.8 i.e 6 stop ND?

Bob Salomon
18-Aug-2009, 07:39
Why not use a screw-in one?

kev curry
18-Aug-2009, 07:42
I'm just thinking that now Bob after a look through Robert Whites site.

Michael Heald
18-Aug-2009, 08:02
Hello! I got mine from B&H photo about 3 years ago when I was doing reciprocity testing of TMAX 400 and TMAX 100. Best regards.


19-Aug-2009, 12:06
As Bob mentions, round screw-in ones are readily available, e.g. from that NY mail-order house on 9th Ave. I use 6 and 10-stop ones in a couple sizes. A 20-stop is also available, which has tempted me, but that's r e a l l y L O N G exposure!

19-Aug-2009, 16:36
I've heard the glass from welding masks works well as a strong ND filter

Eric Woodbury
19-Aug-2009, 21:00
Looks like Calumet and BH still have them. But $100 is more than I paid for mine. They must be in limited supply.

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Aug-2009, 21:12
I got lucky a while back and found a set of 100mmx100mm Kodak Wratten ND's that had never been used. I Have the .60, .80, .90 and a 3.00 and a 4.00. Got them all for 45.00! Keep an eye out for them on e-bay as they show up from time to time.


kev curry
19-Aug-2009, 23:23
Thanks folks. I'll be keeping an eye out for a deal like that Jim...awesome. In the mean time I think I'll guesstimate exposing and processing a sheet of film to a suitable density and give it a go.
In saying that I'm not clear on what to do... shoot a grey card placed on a high zone say zone 10? with a defocused lens and processed normally to give me my ND filter? What do you think?

Ed Richards
20-Aug-2009, 09:43
You can buy solar film in small sheet sizes for very little. It is for filtering the sun for direct viewing by telescope. I forget the density but I think it is about 15 stops. You need to mount it - it is so thin that it does not affect the optical path even if it is not flat.

Don Hutton
20-Aug-2009, 11:59

Lee Filters will make you whatever you want - I wanted a specific soft grad for a new RF75 kit and they made it to order and I received it yesterday. Speak to Ken at Robert White - he seems to have a very good relationship with them.

kev curry
20-Aug-2009, 12:09
Cheers Don I'll look into that.