View Full Version : carl meyer video stigmat?

18-Aug-2009, 05:15
Carl Meyer Video stigmat 200mm f2.9

These lense seem to go cheap, and there seems to be a lot of them? What is their story? Have anybody used these? I can't find much information on them.

I know the story behind Carl Meyer, they rebranded other lenses.. any chance these are actually surplus 200mm f2.9 Pentacs that have been coated?

If someone has actually shot film whit them, I would be interested to see some results! Or owns one, and knows how many elements these have? Is these any good?

18-Aug-2009, 06:18
http://www.allenrumme.com/lensdb/General%20Use.html indicates a Plasmat design uncoated, covering 4x5.