View Full Version : New Web Site: Lux Fragilis Photography

David R Munson
11-Nov-2001, 20:37
This is just an announcement of my web site, which is now up and running at <a h ref="http://www.luxfragilis.com">www.LuxFragilis.com</a>. It still has a ways t o go, but I thought some of you might be interested to see the site as I get it put together over the next month or two. If anyone has any suggestions, please email them to me at apollo@luxfragilis.com (mailto:apollo@luxfragilis.com?subject=Site Suggesti on). Please feel free to sign the guest book! Oh, an d for those interested, we're up to about 15 people in the large format user's d irectory and I'd love to add some more people to the list. If you're interested , let me know.

David R Munson
12-Nov-2001, 17:47
Just wanted to let people know that I've made a lot of additions to the site since I posted the announcement yesterday.

Scott Walton
13-Nov-2001, 06:05
Very nice start on the web page. Good luck! Cheers, Scott

David R Munson
24-Jan-2002, 22:27
Didn't feel like re-posting the announcement about my site, but I've completely re-designed it since I've gotten back to school. The design is much closer to what I had originally envisioned now, so at very least it's not that boring grey background and generic text. As with the first time around, feedback is appreciated. Just wanted to let people know it's pretty much a different site than it originally was.