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17-Aug-2009, 10:03
Dear forum,

we stumbled upon a problem.

We use a Sinar P2 with the mechanical Sinar Behind-the-lens shutter. As we shoot with a digital back, most times the focal length of our regular lenses is too long. Therefore I bought a Sinaron Digital 55mm, mounted on a sinar board from Ebay:) , but the lens sticks out to far and toiches the shutter blades :mad:

Do I need a different lens board or is there another way to use the lens?

Thanks, Hendrik

17-Aug-2009, 10:35
I think the best place to ask is Sinar themself: www.sinar.ch (http://www.sinar.ch)

There is a load of information on that site, including mounting lenses.


Ken Lee
17-Aug-2009, 11:34
I recently mounted a 360mm Heliar on a Sinar board, and it too interfered with the shutter blades. The solution was to add 2 spacer rings, which fit on top of the mounting flange. I had the rings made of aluminum, at a local machine shop. Together, they pushed the lens forward enough to clear the shutter: around 1/2 inch.

You could easily make the same thing out of wood or plastic, if you have the tools and expertise.

17-Aug-2009, 11:53
here are pictures and descriptions of the different mounting plates (http://www.image2output.com/user_resources/TextFiles/pdfs/286_0_prka_objekt_e.pdf)
and here is the Sinar lens mounting manuals (http://www.image2output-support.com/sinar) but download it to read as its several MB's


Struan Gray
18-Aug-2009, 02:19
A quick fix: if your sensor is small enough that it fits within the 80-ish mm hole of the shutter you can mount the shutter on the rear standard.

Another trick is to put the shutter on an intermediate standard and use two bellows. With a 55 though you'll need two bag bellows, and the intermediate standard will interfere with tilts and swings.