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11-Nov-2001, 12:15
Comrade silver printers,

I am looking for an odourless fixer formula of the rapid type. I had a bash at T F-3 (see pp 106 in S.Anchell's Film Developing Cookbook) and such strong was its smell that it made my work in the darkroom intolerable.

I then switched to non-rapid Kodak F-24 (see pp 152 in S.Anchell's The Darkroom Cookbook) and the 5' + 5' fixing times were too long to bear.

If one of you could provide me with a rapid formula that does not smell you will help me sustain my tradition, namely, of mixing my entire chemistry!

Best regards, Mako

N Dhananjay
11-Nov-2001, 12:54
You were using the TF3 at 1:3 dilution, right? I use it at that dilution and things are tolerable. At full strength, the ammonia vapors are quite overpowering.

If that does not provide an answer, take a look at using plain fix. See http://www.heylloyd.com/technicl/plain.htm for more details and good reasons to go with plain fix.

Good luck, DJ.

Raven Garrow
11-Nov-2001, 14:00
Sprint makes ordorless fixer. Vanilla scented stop bath. I don't have the info to get in touch with them right know, so if you can't find it, let me know. Raven

Ken Burns
11-Nov-2001, 19:25
Try Sprint at sprintsystems.com.

12-Nov-2001, 07:13
Thank you guys, Especially you, DJ, for the tip about Lloyd Erlick's technical page. This really is a treasure trove! Cheers,

Brian Ellis
12-Nov-2001, 16:23
Clayton also makes an odorless fix. Actually you can smell the odor in the bottle but it becomes odorless when diluted for use. I buy mine from The View Camera Store. I also buy the Clayton odorless stop bath from them.

Andrew Held
13-Nov-2001, 15:27
If the smell is overpowering your darkroom is dangerously underventilated. This can lead to cumulative damage to your respiratory system and internal organs. Using odorless products will not necessarily help. I would urge you to invest first in a baffled fan or a personal ventilation system.