View Full Version : I need a finer 8x10 GG...for my Toyo M II..

14-Aug-2009, 07:06
...The title tells it all......I would like to replace the original GG (which is not bad but really sad compared to my original GG on my Master View)......what are the best choices out there.......I'm not talking Bill Maxwell or Bromwell but rather just a nice fine GG...Gridded or I can mark it myself........I'm looking for a sharp image on the GG but then aren't we all ! Satin Snow still around??

...and ...no...the GG from the KMV will not fit the Toyo M II........

David Karp
14-Aug-2009, 07:20
Try Steve Hopf. Very reasonable prices. At least as nice as my Satin Snow. He can also put a nice faint grid on it for you. http://hopfglass.com/

Robert Fisher
14-Aug-2009, 07:46
I second David's comment - Steve is "the man" for GG - great price, instant service, no drama.

Steve has made a number of ultra bright GG pieces for me - fantastic product.

Walter Calahan
14-Aug-2009, 09:47
I've used Steve' GGs since he first started selling on eBay. Great GG. Great service.