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13-Aug-2009, 21:08
Anybody care to share photos taken with the new Schneider Apo-Tele-Xenar Compact 350mm f/11? Are there any online galleries that highlight this lens?

What have you found that you like or dislike about this lens?

Steve Hamley
16-Aug-2009, 12:20

Since no one else replied...

I doubt you would see any difference in the images taken with this lens over any other modern multicoated lens. It's real reason for being is that there are very few if any lenses in the 350-360mm focal length that are small and light enough to be part of a "carryable" 4x5 outfit.

The alternatives are having a 14" Artar custom mounted in a Compur #2 shutter as Kerry Thalmann did or a Kowa 360mm in same as I did, or the rare and expensive 360mm Fuji A in Copal #1, which BTW Michael Marks has for sale on the FS thread.

The spacer ring for short bellows cameras is a nice touch provided by Schneider, but the lens itself is a non-telephoto design (in spite of its name) similar to an Artar (maybe the same) formulated to fit a #1 shutter.

If I didn't have the 360mm f/9 Kowa in Compur #2, I'd have one, but I can't see trading for the difference in image quality, although I'd guess the Schneider would be better for color being a current lens designed for general photography versus a process lens. That said, if I got a really good deal on a trade, I probably would.

Cheers, Steve

12-Mar-2012, 13:07
2,5 years later....


Gošafoss, Iceland
Linhof MT 2000/Schneider Apo Tele Xenar COMPACT 11/350mm/HP5/Prescysol