View Full Version : Arista.edu 100 strangeness

13-Aug-2009, 09:27
Hi all,
My first development batch of (4x5) arista left a strange color in my dev.
I then did a presoak.
That left a light blue/cyan color in the water. I know it carried over a bit in the dev.
Question is.
Will this off color have harmful effects in the dev?

Gem Singer
13-Aug-2009, 09:42
The color is coming from the anti-halation layer on the film.

It will not harm the developer.

Pre-soaking in water for a few minutes, before placing the film in the developer, will usually dissolve away most of the anti-halation dye.

Any remaining dye will dissolve in the processing chemicals.

13-Aug-2009, 09:53
I remember the first time I used an experimental film developer that contained no sulfite...I was shocked and amazed at the color of the solution as I poured it out of the tank after development.....I started pre-soaking everything after that but, found that for me...the pre-soak seemed to result in inconsistent development.

As Gem says....Don't worry. It all comes out in the wash and is not cause for concern.

David Karp
13-Aug-2009, 10:02
Don't worry. I have re-used a 2 bath developer several times when developing Arista.edu Ultra 200. I get the same blue color.

Philippe Grunchec
13-Aug-2009, 10:43
I agree. And all Foma films (120 and LF) give grey/blueish negatives.

13-Aug-2009, 10:44
Thx Guys,
I will rest at ease.

Brian Schall
13-Aug-2009, 20:30
I agree. And all Foma films (120 and LF) give grey/blueish negatives.

In my experiance, only the 120 gives blue tinted negatives. The 35mm and 4x5 I've used gives normal negatives without the blue cast.

You should try a staining developer like DiXactol with the 120. Instead of nice yellowish-brown negatives, you get pea green negatives. Learned my lesson after the first roll.

Philippe Grunchec
14-Aug-2009, 07:14
Brian, you are right: the LF films are normal!

Gregg Cook
17-Aug-2009, 20:08
funny, isn't it.

and they don't curl like that 120 does.

It's like a spring.