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Alex Tymków
13-Aug-2009, 09:08
I have four Dallmeyer lenses of varying types all from the 20C. I have an idea which decades they are from, does any one have more precise dating methods.
Here is a list with serial numbers.
5 1/4” ƒ6 No 2 Stigmatic Ser II, 68013/9. Numbers for front and rear cells.
8” ƒ4.5 Serrac, 269181
4 1/4” ƒ6.5 Wide Angle Anastigmat, 530713
5 1/4” ƒ6.5 Wide Angle Anastigmat, 478362

Dan Fromm
13-Aug-2009, 10:06
Per P-H Pont's chronology,

68013/9 -- 1900/14
269181 -- 1933/36
530713 -- 1956/60
478362 -- 1956/60

Pont gives more detail than the VM's Dallmeyer chronology.

Alex Tymków
14-Aug-2009, 09:18
Thanks Dan
I was in the right ball park for my estimates, it's very helpful to have them narrowed down. As you say the LVM is very general. I've not come across Per P-H Pont's chronology, is that the title?

Dan Fromm
14-Aug-2009, 12:23
Alex, it is a booklet. Les Chiffres Cles, written by Patrice-Herve Pont, published by Pecari. IIRC I bought mine from Atlantida. If you can't find Atlantida, I think that FNAC carries it. I think the latest is the 3d edition; when I bought mine FNAC had only the 2nd, so be careful when shopping.

20-Aug-2009, 15:05
Early Dallmeyer serial #'s can be found at the bottom of this page on Petzval lenses



Alex Tymków
21-Aug-2009, 11:01
Hi Dan
thanks for that. I have a Derogy Petzval so a useful page.