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Miguel Curbelo
12-Aug-2009, 13:02
I have decided to try and make some platinum/palladium prints this coming autumn. The film I'll be using is Across (8x10).

I know this is all rather subjective, but just to have a rough idea as a starting point, which developers would you recommend (+ developing times)?

The most easily available developers on the island where I live are HC110 and Rodinal, so I'd preferably like to work with either of those, but if not suitable I'd be grateful for some recommendations.

Finally, would negatives suitable for cyanotype prints be equally suitable for platinum prints, or would more contrast be necessary?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Tim Povlick
12-Aug-2009, 20:43
Hi Miguel,

I'm new to this (about 2 months experience) but will share what I have learned. I believe the Acros will be fine, assuming it passes UV. I recall reading the datasheet long while back that Acros did.

I develop in Xtol 1:1 or Formulatory TFX2. Suggest developing 20% longer than normal to get the contrasty negative. Kodak Tmax 400 does well in either developer and longer development gives the contrasty negative. I also use PanatomicX-II film which really makes good alt-proc prints. I think Acros will do well also.

May I kindly suggest you try Van Dyke to start. I started with Platinum and it's difficult and expensive to learn first. The Van Dyke are good starting point, easier, etc. The film doesn't have to be as contrasty it seems to me. Bostick & Sullivan makes an inexpensive Van Dyke kit. One can platinum tone the Van Dyke to get the black rather then brown print. B&S also sell that as a kit. After one minute in toner the print is a rich black print (tone for 2 minutes). I started with Platinum but have decided to quit that route and will stay with Van Dyke instead.

Another alternative is to practice with palladium.

If I may be so bold, for paper I recommend Canson Bristol Plate / Smooth (702-2001). It appeared to give best results for Platinum and the Van Dyke prints.

Sorry I can not comment on negatives for cyanotype prints being equally suitable for platinum prints.

It's a lot of fun leaning these processes and seeing the nice results!

Best Regards,


Miguel Curbelo
13-Aug-2009, 23:43
Thank you Tim, I appreciate your helpfulness.