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12-Aug-2009, 11:38
Hello all,
I just wanted to pass along some shots I took last week with Shanghai 100 film.
These were taken outside, in shade, against a white seamless. Exposure was f5,6 (wide open) at 1/60 with a Fujinon 210.
Negs were processed in HC-110 in a manual Jobo tank then scanned on an Epson 4870. I did some minor tinkering, #2 is a high-contrast attempt. Usually, I'll make an 8x10 first in the darkroom and scan that, but I thought I'd give the scanner a go. A big drawback is that I can't scan the film edges also, but a minor annoyance.
Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the results of the Shanghai film, and wanted to pass that along if anyone was wondering whether or not to try it. I just ordered another 100 sheets from ebay, total cost including shipping is $47.

12-Aug-2009, 13:08
It seemed your price is even cheaper than I bought it direct from factory. Is it per 25 sheet box or really for 4 boxes.

The film was targeted for portrait. Your pictures verfied that it is good for that. Very nice.

12-Aug-2009, 13:40
If you search Ebay under "Shanghai 4x5" you'll find the film at different prices, all from the same guy. There's always one at $21 (50 sheets); order two and you get 20% off shipping.
Btw, I didn't know it was geared toward portraits; I've had a tough time finding any company hype on the product.

12-Aug-2009, 14:18
Thanks Ari. I appreciate the post and the pics. I think I'll buy me some.


Daniel Unkefer
19-Aug-2009, 03:36
I just ordered 200 sheets of the 4x5 myself (already have 50-5x7).
Cost was $112 with shipping. That's $14 per 25 sheet pack.
Not too bad.