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Paul O
12-Aug-2009, 11:02
Can anyone advise? I'm waiting delivery of a Schneider Apo Symmar 210mm f5.6 lens (not the latest "L" version :D ).

I understand that it takes 72mm filters but wondered if anyone using this lens found it necessary to "space" the filter to prevent it coming into contact with the front element with either a step-up ring or empty filter ring? Something in the back of my mind seems to recall a similar issue to that of the 110XL (which I use with a step-up ring from 67-77mm).

Any advice? TIA

Kevin Crisp
13-Aug-2009, 07:50
72mm is right for mine, I never needed a spacer of any kind. I certainly did for the 110 though.

13-Aug-2009, 10:25
same statement as Kevin.
if you have other lenses in 67mm in your bag, you can use it with the 72-67 step down ring.
I use a spacer only for the 110xl

Paul O
13-Aug-2009, 11:04
Many thanks for the replies!