View Full Version : PMK availability in Canada

Richard K.
12-Aug-2009, 09:54
I used to buy PMK Pyro from 8 Elm Photo but they no longer supply it. I phoned the nice folks at Nymoc in Toronto and they will make up 1 L of A and 2 L of B solutions (this is twice the usual packaged amount) for $95.95 CAD (+tax). I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, just thought that fellow Canadians would like to know of this source for prepared PMK at a reasonable price. Their phone number is (416) 465 1929. :)

Jim MacKenzie
12-Aug-2009, 20:35
I ordered my first batch from Photographer's Formulary. Even with shipping it wasn't too ridiculous.

The last batch, I just got the bulk chemicals and made it up myself.

PMK is terrific stuff, and the shelf life is astoundingly good.