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12-Aug-2009, 00:52
I recently got a nice supermatic x with a nice 127mm lens. It looks preety good and seems to function right in B or T mode but no matter what speed i set the shutter too its shooting at the same speed every time.
The speed appears to be something around 1\25th but i'm guessing, its a fastish open and close though. The shutter doesn't seem sticky as it open and closes nice and quick and doesn't stick open or anything.
I was wondering if anyone had seen this and might have an idea of a fix? I've read all the threads on slow speeds and sticky shutters but never this problem.
Also does anyone know how to get the retaining ring off? its on its original lens board and even after undoing the 3 screws it wont budge.
I've tried the usual grippy rubber mat i have (i place the shutter on and twist and its usually great for removing stuck rings or elements but it just wont move this time.
I've also tried pliers in two holes and twisting but still nothing.
Am i doing something wrong?
I'd like to get it off the board if the fix for the one speed at all settings involves a clean.

thanks ;)

12-Aug-2009, 10:39
I think this is actually common problem for shutters. Repairing shutters on your own can be quite a project if you don't know what you're doing. There are several places you could send the lens for repair. S. K. Grimes is where I send shutters and lenses needing repair.

Try gently prying the retainer ring from the board with a thin blade (putty knife or similar). Use the blade flat on the board with a corner at the flange, and try to get it under the ring flange. First "draw" the knife all the way around the flange, starting a gap.then slowly press it deeper in the gap that the knife creates as you work your way around again. It should pop off with a little work.

Glenn Thoreson
14-Aug-2009, 11:26
Those shutters respond very well to a good service job. Don't try to turn the shutter to remove it. It should still have it's locating pin on the back. Fits into a hole in the board, you know. For those stubborn rear mounted flanges, which can be VERY hard to unscrew, I clamp the board in a vise and use a spanner (aka needle nose pliers) in opposing screw holes to turn the flange. It can be VERY tough sometimes, but it will unscrew. If you get it off, remove that offending pin from the back of the shutter. It just unscrews. Toss it. :D

15-Aug-2009, 00:23
Thanks for the advice Guys.
I ended up putting it in a vice and i made a tool from a piece of timber and three wood screws that the tips of fit in the holes perfectly. I can't believe how tight it was, it even started to pull the screws on an angle before it finally budged!

26-Aug-2009, 23:36
This may be a very silly question but can anyone tell me how the pneumatic cylinder on these kodak shutters actually works or what i need to connect it too?
I understand how the cylinder itself works but am a bit lost as to what i need to connect to it to trigger the shutter.
I'm probably not going to use it anyway as the shutter is coming off the board and is being added directly to a modified camera but i'm a curious one so would love to know.
I have searched pneumatic cylinder and graflex but am only finding discussions about repairing them not a basic how it works.

thanks again guys for all your help, this is a learning curve but its happening fast ;)

Dan Fromm
27-Aug-2009, 01:37
It isn't pneumatic, it is electrical. A solenoid, used to synchronize with bulb flash. Go to www.graflex.org and search for solenoid.



27-Aug-2009, 17:59
Thanks dan, i guess thats a second thanks i owe you now ;)