View Full Version : 480 mm on Phillips Compact II

jens peter
11-Aug-2009, 18:31
I have been using the 360 mm (Sironar S = plasmat design) and a 600 mm telephoto (Current Tele Xenar) for portraiture in available light on a 8x10 Phillips Compact II.

The 600 mm is often to long for the situations I encounter and the 360 mm is slightly to wide. Thus I have been considering a 480 mm Apo-Symmar L.

Does anyone have any advice or experience in using this particular lens for available light portraiture on a 8x10 Phillips Compact II ?

Thanks for your input ..


Henry Carter
11-Aug-2009, 18:33
Avedon shot "In the American West" with a 360 mm on an 8x10, so you are in good company!

Warren Clark
11-Aug-2009, 19:33
Hello jens,

I use a Rodenstock 480 Apo Ronar MC on my Phillips 8x10 for near and
far subjects. It has been an outstanding lens and your choice would be as well.

Warren Clark
Ft.Collins, Colo..

Drew Wiley
11-Aug-2009, 20:18
If Avedon did it, you are in disgusting company - he certainly didn't deserve a real camera like a Phillips, because he didn't photograph real people but Silly-Putty zombies. I own a Phillips myself, so take the insult personally! But that would be a nice intermediate focal length, although I use a 450 myself.