View Full Version : Horseman Sinar compatibility

Dave Schneidr
9-Nov-2001, 21:02
Are lens boards and bellows interchangeable between the Sinar F and P cameras an d the Horseman L frame cameras? I had been told they were but others have cautio ned that the Horseman lensboards are thicker and can actually damage the retaine r mechanism of the Sinar. Anyone have the "real" story?

Ted Harris
9-Nov-2001, 21:09
I hvae used a number of Horseman boards on a Sinar F+ and had no problems ....

andrea milano
10-Nov-2001, 01:13
Nonsense. They are, for any practical purpose, Identical. There are minor differences also in other components like bellows and film holder but compatibility is a minor issue, I am not sure for example that the two separate shutters systems horseman and Sinar are compatible but I guess isn't a very major problem. Horseman isn't always cheaper than Sinar. Another interesting thing is the Rotary back , even the model especially made for Horseman L cameras fits perfectly Sinar(you can find this at http://www.fotoabro.nl ) they stil have a few (gotta be patient their english isn't much of a muchness). Good luck!

Richard Stum / Kinesis
15-Nov-2001, 06:08
I have also found that Horseman boards fit my Sinar p. Didn't Horseman copy the Sinar board design on purpose? To make them somewhat compatible?

Alex Weiner
15-Nov-2001, 12:05
I also have a Horseman lens board which is perfectly interchangeable with the Sinar boards that I use on my F2.