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11-Aug-2009, 09:46
Aside from the "traditional" formula on pg275, in The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes by Christopher James, I have had no luck finding any information on making my own. Anyone have a suggestion? I've looked through the Darkroom Cookbook, which mirrors the James book(or vice versa) in process, but offers nothing new on formulas. Lots on Toning formulas after printing.... Not that I'm in any position to do what Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee did, but IF we are left to making our own, since the passing of Centennial, better information/experimentation is needed.... It has to have more to it than I've found if Ilford wont make it "due to the hazards involved to their workers"

Pete Roody
11-Aug-2009, 10:48
try: http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/articles.html#All

11-Aug-2009, 11:40
i haven't had a chance to do this yet
but you might make a 10% solution of saltpeter ( and water )
and soak regular photo paper in it. let it dry ...
from what i understand it will somehow magically becomes like pop paper.
i got the saltpeter ( potassium nitrate ) at my local pharmacy ...

good luck!

11-Aug-2009, 13:12
Pete, Beautiful! Just what I needed to get me wet, as it were... Thank you and Liam.

11-Aug-2009, 22:26
All the pre WWII British Journal Photographic Almanac's have formulae for POP papers, in many ways the older the copy the more formulae .