View Full Version : Will this Jobo work for 4X5?

11-Aug-2009, 08:02
I asked an Ebayer if his listed item would work for 4X5:

Jobo Duolab 4055 color film & print processor

He didn't know. Does anyone else know about this critter?

11-Aug-2009, 08:18
According to this, on page 14, no.


12-Aug-2009, 07:26
Filmproccessing in the 1500 series tanks are not suitable for the 4*5" film size. Only 35mm and 120 spool. Paper at that size or greater is anothher story.

12-Aug-2009, 10:30
The Duolab had a odd tank lid with a wider cog. Besides the film tank, it could hold one 2834 paper tank - a special version of the 2830 with the said Duolab lid with paper processing cup.

It is possible to interchange the bayonet fit cups (paper) and funnels (film) between regular 25xx and 28xx tank lids - the tank series indeed are identical except for their (loose) innards and label. It should be possible to combine the Duolab lid with a film tank and its funnel insert in a similar manner. Besides that, it would also be possible to insert a Duolab cog (#95544) into a 25xx series inversion tank lid, provided that you find a spare...


16-Jun-2010, 00:11
Any update?