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Martin Kapostas
3-Oct-2001, 08:38

My friend is shooting PROVIA 100F. I told him about reciprocity when he shoots m ore than second. I was surprised when download from FUJIFILM.com technical pdf f or this film. I found there than times shorter than 128 seconds dont need any co rrection! How is that ? Can you explain it to me ?


Paul Schilliger
3-Oct-2001, 10:25
The same numbers are printed in the Fujifilm Data Guide, so I think you can trus t them. From my experience with other Fuji Chromes, I gave some compensation at start, which resulted in overexp osure. This film is a blessing for low light shooters!

Richard Stum / Kinesis
3-Oct-2001, 11:31
Most color neg films still exhibit receprocity at 1 second or longer, but as men tioned above, the newer reversal films are different. Trust the specs.

David R Munson
3-Oct-2001, 13:20
I just started shooting color again using Provia 100F. At first I was skeptical about the reciprocity thing, but I tested it and it all works out. It makes low-light shooting so much less of a hassle.

chris jordan
4-Oct-2001, 18:10
anyone tried Provia 100F in much longer exposures, i.e., 30 minutes or more? i've been shooting velvia all these years and it gets pretty out-there reciprocity-wise when the exposures get really long.

Paul Schilliger
7-Oct-2001, 09:31
30 minutes !? Are you shooting in moonlight, Chris? Had renounced after some fai lures on other films, but it should be possible with the 100F!