View Full Version : Shutter repair in the UK

10-Aug-2009, 15:55
Hello all,

just wandering if anyone knows of anywhere that will fix shutters in the UK.

Mines gone down on me, the shutter blades are all over the shop! its not a pretty sight!

Thanks in advance folks


10-Aug-2009, 23:30
I've used Black on White (http://www.bonwcameras.co.uk/) in Bristol for 3 repairs/CLA's now, they completely strip a shutter for a CLA and rebuild it so can easily do your repair provided no parts are missing, otherwise I'd guess it depends what the shutter is.

They were fast and their work is excellent, when I've used then. Others say the same.


Paul O
11-Aug-2009, 00:08
I second Black on White! I rang them and they guy I spoke to said that 99.9% of their work is digital and that they really ENJOY working on mechanical eqipment! I sent them a Copal 0 shutter that was desperate for a CLA and it came back like new!

11-Aug-2009, 00:32
What is price of CLA at BoW? I have several stuck/semistuck lenses.

11-Aug-2009, 14:40
Thanks for that, a google search didnt bring anything up in the UK. Ill drop them a line and see how much its going to cost me to get my lens back on its feet

Paul O
12-Aug-2009, 11:26
I paid 50 for a CLA at Black on White.

13-Aug-2009, 01:09
Same here 50 for a CLA on a very sticky shutter on a Yashica 124, and on another occasion the same for a 165mm Super Angulon.

50 is about the minimum rate to open up anything photographic in the UK.