View Full Version : Congo / Osaka 90mm F6.3 Source Found!

10-Aug-2009, 13:00
Hi everyone,

In the quest for lighter weight, I am trying to locate a Congo / Osaka 90mm F6.3 as recommended by Kerry Thalmann: http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/wide.htm

The specs are here: http://www.cosmonet.org/congo/index_e.html

Image Circle: 175mm at F22 Filter Size: 43mm Weight: 175 grams

Badger no longer carries them, but I talked to Ted Bromwell at Bromwell Marketing just now, who carries the Osaka line (essentially a Congo).


Ted does not want to sell me one due to the limited coverage. For those who can live with the coverage, they are $450 each, new. He has to bring them in from Japan and would be"around 2 weeks" with customs clearance etc. I'll be ordering one.

Don Dudenbostel
10-Aug-2009, 19:09
I have a good sample of this lens and like it much better than the angulons and wollensak wides that I've had. Coverage is enough to make it useful for many applications but by no means is it a replacement for a super angulon or sw lens. Keep your eyes open on the suction site and KEH. I found my lens at KEH in E+ condition for a little over $200.

10-Aug-2009, 22:35
I have been keeping my eyes on both sites but haven't seen one for quite a while now. I do have a Nikkor 90/F8 right now.