View Full Version : 8x10 B&W Sheet-Films & Lodima B&W Paper.

Keith Tapscott.
10-Aug-2009, 12:26
As I have ordered some Lodima grade 2 paper for contact-printing from 8x10 B&W negatives, I am curious about which film and developer combinations some of you like using for making contact prints? :)

Gem Singer
10-Aug-2009, 12:33
Spell Lodima backwards, and you will discover the name of ideal developer for that paper.

Keith Tapscott.
10-Aug-2009, 12:49
Spell Lodima backwards, and you will discover the name of ideal developer for that paper.The downside is that Amidol developers require scratch-mixing. I was actually enquiring about preferred B&W film and developer combinations out of curiosity, but you have made an interesting point about obtaining optimum processing of Lodima paper as well. :D

John Bowen
10-Aug-2009, 12:57

The Azo forum will give you lots of ideas about what works "well" for contact printing on Silver Chloride papers (Azo/Lodima). I use Kodak Tmax400 (the old stuff, because I have so much of it) and develop it in Pyrocat HD. I started using this combination after much research on the Azo forum and it has yet to disappoint me. The only other combination I tried was Tri-X HC-110 and I much preferred the results from TMY/Pyrocat HD.

Others speak fondly of Ilford FP-4, and some of the efke/adox films.

As they say, YMMV

Good luck in your quest.

Dan Schmidt
10-Aug-2009, 13:11
I use fp4+ and pyrocat hd, shuffle development by inspection 9-14 minutes

You will probably want to order some grade 3 too.

look at the azo forum and all of michael's writings.

Rick Olson
10-Aug-2009, 15:07
For me, it's TMY-1 and TMY-2, FP-4 and HP-5. Film developed in Pyrocat-HD. For the Lodima, I have been using Formulary-130 (Ansco 130).