View Full Version : Wisner in Entertainment Weekly??? Cool!

Todd Caudle
2-Oct-2001, 21:40
Okay, maybe I'm just a little too excitable, but I just got the new issue of EW (The Photo Issue, as they call it), and was delighted to see that they used what appears to be a Wisner Expedition rear view for a graphic element in the cover story's opening page 29. Probably the only LF image in the whole issue, and OF L F instead of BY LF, but I thought it was kinda neat. Plus, there's some pretty a wesome celebrity images as well. I especially liked Dan Winters' evocative image s of Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Tom Hanks and Neil Young.

3-Oct-2001, 00:01
OF LF ? BY LF? BYOLF? Wutchyewtawkin bowt?

Todd Caudle
3-Oct-2001, 00:48
You know, taken OF a large-format camera instead of taken BY a large- format camera. Sorry if it looked like I invented new E-speak!