View Full Version : Kodak Readyloads

Raven Garrow
2-Oct-2001, 19:48
Just curious. Does anyone know why Kodak doesn't make T-Max 400 speed readyloads ?

Ellis Vener
2-Oct-2001, 20:15
Probably concerns about unintentional fogging. That's just my guess.

Michael S. Briggs
2-Oct-2001, 22:18
Probably their judgment that the sales volume they expect wouldn't meet the requirements of their business plan. They could make a sales volume prediction based upon their sales of T-Max 100 in Readyloads and using the ratio of sales of regular T-Max 100 and 400.

Note that Ilford has dropped all production of Delta 400 in sheet sizes, while continuing Delta 100.

Many LF photographers seem to prefer the slower films even when a faster film would have sufficiently fine grain and would give them faster shutter speeds. Perhaps this is a prejudice carried over from 35 mm experience.