View Full Version : Cibachrome Printing Workshop

2-Oct-2001, 15:53
I'd like to learn more about cibachrome printing and masking techniques. I've tr ied my hand at it, but I know I could use some guidance. Does anyone know of a g ood workshop? Do any folks like Christopher Burkett teach?

Thanks much.

John Sarsgard
2-Oct-2001, 17:04
I'm primarily a B&W person in the darkroom, but I wrote Chris an email about a year ago about workshops in general...he once did them, but no longer does. As a purely editorial comment, I've been blown away with the quality of a scanned 4x5 chrome printed digitally on LightJet 5000. I'm not sure it's worthwhile any more for those who aren't already skilled cibachrome printers to learn it.

mike kwiatkowski
2-Oct-2001, 17:35
Christopher Burkett is giving a cibachrome printing workshop through the Ansel Adams gallery, May 4-9 2002...

Andre Noble
2-Oct-2001, 23:33
I can see the ad now: "LightJet 5000XL, coming to a home darkroom near you. (List $122,500.00 see your local photo dealer for details).

I don't know what to say about Cibachrome, I've just finished an intro trial at home with the stuff on a Jobo CPP2. The quality of the medium contrast print material on polyester base looks like a million bucks. Much easier to print than I had anticipated (cross my fingers). See you at the Burkett workshop :>) Andre

Jim Galli
3-Oct-2001, 10:28
Lightjet 5000 while un-argueably beautiful is one reason a lot of folks are thinking about Cibachrome. Costs have tripled to up to 10X while providers are trying to amortize these monsters. All of a sudden a $20.00 piece of paper doesn't look so bad!