View Full Version : Rodenstock Center Filter E82 on Nikkor F/4.5 90mm

8-Aug-2009, 17:33
Does anyone know if the Rodenstock Center Filter E82/112 will work on the NIkkor F4.5 90mm lenses - filter sizes are both 82mm...I'm concerned if the Rodenstock filter can uniformly cover the light dropoff on the Nikkor lens.


Don Dudenbostel
12-Aug-2009, 09:43
I use the Rodenstock on my Nikkor 90 4.5 with no problem.

Bob Salomon
12-Aug-2009, 11:18
Yes, so does the Heliopan. The front thread on the Heliopan is 105mm rather then the 112mm front of the Rodenstock but neither will vignette on a 90mm 4.5 Nikkor.

Drew Wiley
12-Aug-2009, 12:18
I use a Schneider 82mm c.f. on my SW 4.5. Densitometer readings on netural background exposed film show compete eveness of field. No vignetting either. No
hue shift with color film.

Don Dudenbostel
12-Aug-2009, 12:32
Sorry!! I made an error. I took a look and my filter is the Heliopan CF. Absolutely no problems even on 5x7.

13-Aug-2009, 12:25
Thanks to all for the feedback..I got my answer :)