View Full Version : Ilfochrome chemistry availability, especially in Canada

8-Aug-2009, 12:25
I recently ask to a store here in Montreal and they not have any Ilfochrome chemistry in their list. Anyone can point me some canadian stores. I think US store cannot send the Bleach (is it that one ?).

I still have a very old P-30 kit (2x 1litre), around 7 years old. 1 litre left in the package:
Developer Part A is liquid and part B are powder (potassium carbonate, sodium sulfite and dithio-bis-carbonic acid).
Bleach in 3 parts: A & B are liquid and C is powder (sulfonic acid)
Fix is liquid.

Are some parts of this kit can be usable ? Hopefully the bleach as I read in this forum that we can use regular paper developper (with some hypo in) and rapid fix.

My kit labeled CAT 875106. Is still the good CAT number ?
MSDS for this kit : http://www2.itap.purdue.edu/msds/docs/3983.pdf

Paul Kierstead
8-Aug-2009, 19:02
You can often have things shipped to a UPS store or the like just over the border and go fetch it, if you get desperate.

Drew Wiley
9-Aug-2009, 16:46
The chemistry keeps better than the paper does! The current developer is partially proprietary and you will probably be unable to formulate a decent substitute. The
fixer is ordinary nonhardening type, so easily replaced if needed. The bleach might
or might not be good. I personally prefer p-3 to p-30 because its a lot cheaper to use and the components are split up better; but it is a sulfuric acid bleach with some
potential shipping issues in some places. Since Ciba paper is itself rather expensive,
I don't think I'd want to guess and then have the paper go bad while you wait for
the chemistry to arrive. I keep my stock of paper in a freeze. Once it's opened,
there's about a three or four month window before the highlights start crossing
differently than they did in the beginning.