View Full Version : Comments on Rodenstock Geronar 210mm 6.8

Scott Hopkins
10-Nov-1998, 00:35
I am looking at purchasing this lens used. Does anyone know when this lens was made? Also, any comments on its preformance and overall shaprness would be grea tly appreciated.

Thanks in advance..


andrea milano
10-Nov-1998, 03:57
Hallo! Well I've had it some time ago and foolishly got rid of it to buy something else. It is a decent although simple lens very suitable for portraiture if you can live with its limitationn(limited image circle) optical scheme similar to Xenar schneider, however, if cheap buy. I don't know if it is still marketed but some years ago there were lots around.Regards

Michael Jones
10-Nov-1998, 12:21
This line of lenses (90, 150, 210, & 300MM) were Rodenstock's entry level lens. They have been out of production for a while, I believe, but they are seriously under rated. They do have limited image circles, but they can make teriffic imag es. I would recommend them to anyone willing to work within that limited image c ircle. My biggest mistake, thus far in photography, was selling my 300mm. I stil l try to buy it.

Ron Shaw
10-Nov-1998, 17:07
I believe these are 3 element lenses, which is why they have a fairly small coverage circle, but it should be fine at least in the longer focal lengths such as the 210. They should be sharp. I think Calumet still offers versions of this design as entry level lenses for the Cadet.