View Full Version : Classic LF shops in St. Louis?

7-Aug-2009, 11:46
I'm going to St. Louis for a business trip and will be there one week. Since I can't be shooting (ever try to bring collodion, ether, and other unusual chemicals on an airplane?!) I wonder if there are any interesting shops with LF antique cameras?

Bob Salomon
7-Aug-2009, 11:56
Take a look at Schillers.

7-Aug-2009, 12:10
Schillers is about your only choice. I haven’t been there for awhile but the last time I was there the LF stuff was scarce. I asked a clerk (a new guy I hadn’t seen before) for two 25 sheet boxes of 5x7 HP5+ and after disappearing to the back room for a few minutes he emerged and asked “What is HP5+?”

7-Aug-2009, 12:24
OK, thanks. I mostly just want to look for old LF lenses and such, I bet there are more antique shops than where I am, and there were more photographers.

Bob Salomon
7-Aug-2009, 13:37
You can also try OJ's Camera.